We offer shotblasted, grinded and machined cast iron parts, painted or enameled, from our modern paint and enamel facilities.

Hergóm - Finishes

1. Liquid and powder paint.

2. Glass porcelain enamel: thanks to our advanced enamel capabilities, we offer this service for cast iron parts. At Hergóm Foundry we study the best option so your product can benefit from the most modern enameling processes.

3. Shotblasting: 500 kW (20 turbines) shotblasting process, guarantees a perfect surface finish.

4. Grinding with a range of quality levels, according to the aesthetic requirements for each part, through automatic grinding processes.

5. Machining: we work with local experienced suppliers for any kind of machining on cast iron parts.

6. We supply castings in any finish, from just cast and shotblasted to a completely finished product with its own brand and design.

Hergóm owns a state of the art molding plant for high quality grey iron casting, that allows for a high production capacity.

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